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Cashier Odessa
Молодой театр (гастроли)
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Fresh look at the theatrical culture


Once bore the name "Youth", the theater has always been a haven for young talents. Unusual interpretations of classic plays, modern themes and daring artistic experiments - that for which the audience always enjoys the scene. From the studio, in close co-operation has worked many famous composers, artists, writers and playwrights. Today the repertoire of "Young Theatre" popular following pieces:

"Konotop witch", B. Zholdak

"The Fourth Sister," Y. Glovatsky

"Marinated aristocrat", I. Koval

"Don Giovanni", M-B. Moliere

"Empty trash", T. Ivashchenko


The stage often becomes main ground for bold experiments, thats why plays was included in the golden fund of Ukrainian theater not once.

Where you can buy the tickets to "Young Theatre"?

You can buy tickets online at the site! Incredible images, exciting stories, spectacular costumes and skillfully matched musical accompaniment - all waiting for you on the stage now! Hurry to book tickets in advance, as well as watch for our posters, not to miss the most high-profile Premier this season.


Poster Молодой театр (гастроли) Odessa